ayyyyyyyyy it's me

YO. I'm Reede (the last e is silent)


I am honestly SO STOKED that you're here!! Lemme tell you a little bit about myself and maybe we can become best friends!


I'm an Oregon native, but I travel all over.  (Seriously, you can probably find me on a plane every few weeks or driving up to 12 hours just for an event. And you know what? I FREAKING LOVE EVERY



I have three dogs and a cat.  I enjoy pineapple on my pizza. 

I still drink Caprisun like I'm a kid. I freakin' LOVE Star Wars. I dropped out of college one year in (and it was the best decision I ever made).


But most importantly, I am here FOR YOU.   And here to help capture important moments and create some DOPE memories for you to look back on and cherish forever.  


Do we sound like two peas in a pod?  GREAT. Shoot me a message, and let's get this ball ROLLIN'!! 


watch me in action!


Video by Alesia Films

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