Alesia and I were just two girls who first crossed paths over Instagram comments through a mutual friend (Hi Maggie!)

We clicked instantly and bonded over being foodies, both being part Filipinos and of course, our love of travel. 
(You can keep up with our adventures, together or separate on these two grams)


Taking both of our professions, we merged our packages together to offer a super awesome photo+video bundle for weddings, and now we love to work together to capture magical and authentic moments.

You can talk to either one of us about options for this special package which starts at $3000 (total)

photo + video

Above is the highlight video from the most recent wedding we worked on together (in freakin' Jamestown, Rhode Island!)

We braved Hurricane Dorian and got to hang out with the SWEETEST couple all day, who were surrounded by one of the most tight knit group of people I'd ever seen. 

View the highlight photo gallery here:

a few of our shenanigans

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