we're a perfect match if...

you're an old soul with a mind of a thirteen year old who still drinks caprisun and eats pineapple on pizza. 

when you love, you love hard and fiercely and would do anything for your other half.

you're down to get down and dirty for a memorable shot, and honestly just to have an overall grand ol' time.

you still listen to throwback tunes and aren't afraid to jam out in the front seat of the car.

my mission

I am 100% here for YOU. Let me repeat that. 

YOU, Y - O - U, YOU.


I want to help YOU with anything you may need for those little milestones in life, to capture all the little sweet moments and create some rad memories along the way. 


Your time with me will be filled with overuse of emojis, stupid jokes and hearty laughter, but also met with raw emotion and genuine connections. 

Not to mention, we'll get to spice up your instagram game a little too, if you're about that. 

oregon wedding photographer

arizona wedding photographer

north carolina wedding photographer

Reede Fisher

Professional third wheel with a camera to those madly in love


(503) 930-6103

Oregon, North Carolina & Beyond

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